Because we are concerned for the health of our members and visitors, we have closed the warming hut for the season and changed the entry code. Please do not try to use the keypad, as we do not have the ability to keep it sanitized. Stay safe, please! We hope to see you all next season.


Current Trail Conditions and notices

Welcome to the Nansen Ski Club.


NOTICE: We have closed up the Warming Hut for the season, due to recommendations from NH Parks and the Ski Club Board's concern for public health. The combination for the entry door has been changed, so please do not try to enter. We also ask that you do not use the outhouse as well, to minimize risk of a contaminated door handle.

2020 Dinner, Dance & Raffle

This year's event was a smash success: attendees had fun, thousands of dollars in prizes were given away, and your ski club made some money to cover expenses. Thanks to all who attended, and to the generous businesses who support us year after year.

Ski Jump Renovation! THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS!

Thanks to the generosity of 95 donors we raised $16,335 in one 24-hour period during the NH Gives drive June 9th - 10th. There is surely a lot of support for and excitement about bringing back world class ski jumping to Northern NH! Our deep gratitude to all who contributed.

Winter Carnival was so much fun!

We had a really fun 2020 Carnival, featuring, of course... another Art Sled Rally ... AND ... we built a small, safe bump jump with snow for kids of all ages to get some air! Everyone had a blast! Thanks to all who participated.