Current Trail Conditions

Updated: Wednesday, 2/13/2019
Last Grooming: Saturday, 2/13/2019

2/13/2019:  All trails were groomed Wednesday evening, 2/13. We finally got some new snow that would allow for proper grooming. Tracks were set on all trails where appropriate. Of course, by the time we finished grooming, another 2 inches had fallen, but that shouldn’t hurt. If we get significant snow on Friday we will go out again before the weekend.

We should have Hut Hosts keeping the wood stove warm on Saturdays and Sundays going forward.

If you haven’t yet done so, this is a perfect time to go online and sign up for this season. See you on the trails!

Moonlight through the trees over Pleasant Meadow Trail.

Nice night to groom!

High quality groomed trails, on public and private land, for skiers and snowshoers looking for an aerobic workout or simply an enjoyable outing with friends or family. Our trails do not offer a flat skiing experience, though we do have a range of trails from flatter to more hilly. Dress warmly because of wind chill on top of the hill.

Volunteers groom our trails as needed with a Bombardier 180 groomer. Trails are not monitored, though, and there is no trail sweep at the end of day, so please ski at your own risk. Remember: safety first. And have fun! 

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