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Our new Trail Map was created by the good people at Horizons Engineering in Littleton, NH.


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Original trails designed by John Morton, a two time Olympian cross-country biathlon skier and professional trail designer.  To appreciate the quality of the trail design, visit his website:


Bear Waddle — From Jct. 5 by Warming Hut, this is a smooth flat trail on summer park road that soon passes Yurt 1 and dips down gradually with a straight downhill which slowly climbs back to Jct. 12.  From here, a short uphill turn brings you to Snow Drift at Jct. 11.

Beaudoin Pass — From Jct. 21, this wide  and straight trail climbs continually but smoothly and has a short 100′ down hill section just before joining back with Pleasant Meadow trail at Jct. 22.

Cabin Connector — Main trail which leaves the parking area and follows the park road uphill gradually passes the warming hut and ends at Jct. 5.

Hare Cut — Ungroomed single track trail that joins Cabin Connector with Cathedral.  Great way to go from parking area to easier trails like cathedral and pleasant meadow.

Norwegian Pass — Ungroomed single track trail goes slight down hill from Cathedral to Beaudoin Pass where there’s a short bridge to cross over right at Jct.

Rocky Cutoff — Short straight connector trail.

Pleasant Meadow — Leaves Jct. 20 near lower part of park road and meanders through open meadow of maples and short growth.  Excellent views and smooth trail with very slight climb and ends at Jct. 22.

Tower Trail — Steadily climbs uphill from Jct. 9 with a couple turns and quickly reaches the Fire Tower on top of Milan Hill.  Then drops back down gently to Jct. 7.

Vista Way — Connector trail leaves Jct 12 and gently drops with slight turn down to Jct. 13.  Just 100′ from here on the Screaming Bobcat Trail is Yurt 4 which has some of the best open and expansive views in the park.

Warden Link — Flat connector trail at top of park.

Wight’s Way — Leaves Jct. 3 and very gradually climbs with a couple gentle turns to Jct. 5 near warming hut.


Cathedral — Leaves Jct. 20 near lower part of park road and gradually climbs and turns to Norwegian Pass on right and then a more moderate uphill that soon flattens out above Hare Cut and begins a gradual straight descent to Jct. 23.

Evergreen Pass — This trail connects both ends of Screaming Bobcat and is an awesome up and down trail that winds it’s way through the impressive tall pines.  Many short climbs and descents with various turns in the trail.

Hilltop — Leaves Jct. 3 and ascends quickly around wide turn to large clearing and soon joins Jct. 6 continuing straight into wooded section, turns sharp right with short flat then sharp left turn climbs steeply up park road for a few hundred feet and flattens out before ending at Jct. 9.

Lollipop — A fun trail with wide variety of terrain.  Leaving Jct. 23, trail is fairly flat to moderate until comes out of forest in clearing and begins a steady fairly straight drop to bottom turn around point.   This opening has excellent views of the Presidential Range.  From here head uphill and then a quick steep downhill, meander along smooth trail, then climb back up quickly with some sharp turns and end at Jct. 22.

Moose Lope — Plenty of moose sign in this area of the park. Trail leaves Jct. 10 on flat terrain and quickly drops down into a quick dip.  Climb up  and then a gradual down hill with left turn and climb up steadily to height of land where Coaster Chute will be visible on your left.  From here, trail drops steadily and winds to the right and comes back next to itself then becomes more gradual down hill with soft turn entering a hardwood forest and straightens to end at Jct. 14.

Pine Alley — Leaves just above parking area from Jct. 1 and has a steady climb with no sharp turns or dips, ends at Jct. 3.

Porky’s Quill — A great trail with lots of ups and downs, sharp turns and varied terrain.  Leaves Jct. 12 with a fast downhill section turning left, then a series of ups and downs to eventually come to a gradual climb ending at Jct. 15.

Rich Run — Leaves Jct. 2 and is a steady to steep downhill curving to left and runs out onto Lollipop Trail ending at Jct. 23.

Trip Trap Turn —  This trail meanders it’s way from Jct. 4 near Warming Hut to Jct. 13 near Yurt 4 viewing.  A variety of small hill climbs and dips with hill turns, some sharp. A 3-sided lean-to available for socials and stops near end closes to Jct. 13.


Coaster Chute — Leaves Jct. 10 and climbs steadily up right turn and flattens out for a few hundred feet, then turns sharp right with quick steep drop that narrows and sharply turns left at bottom of hill.   Short flat section brings you to a sharp left hairpin turn and steep ascent (sometimes icy or crusty here).  Trail continues with slight uphill then gradual climb to right and ends at Jct. 8.

Mahoosuc Chute — Leaves Jct. 6 and ends at Jct. 1 just above parking area. This trail starts out with gentle downhill through open field area and soon enters forest with a moderate downhill to a left turn, (excellent views from here), then quickly drops very steep with sharp switchback turns. From bottom, it then steadily climbs back to parking area.

Screaming Bobcat — Leaves Jct. 13 just above Yurt 4 with excellent views and gradually heads down hill with long cruising straightaways.  Eventually begins a quick steep descent with a series of sharp turns.  From bottom, steady straight climb that brings you into a few ups and downs with sharp turns and then a long gradual climb and left turn to end at Jct. 15.


Thank you to all landowners for allowing us to use the land which these trails are situated and to our many volunteers for all their hours out on the trails year round.