General Information

Tower Trail NansenEstablished in 1872, the Nansen Ski Club is one of the first organized ski clubs in America and the oldest continuously operated. Our mission is still based on the philosophy of Norwegian Polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen who saw skiing and winter sport as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. The Nansen Ski Club is dedicated to providing a healthy outdoor experience for children, youth, and adults of the surrounding communities as well as out-of-area visitors who are always welcome to a wonderful winter experience.

Based in Berlin, New Hampshire we serve the Androscoggin Valley by providing groomed Nordic ski and snowshoe trails at Milan Hill State Park (427 Milan Hill Road, Milan, NH). The Nansen Trails are within one hour’s drive of several other quality groomed Nordic ski areas with varying terrains, views, and trail levels.

The trail network is open to skiing and snowshoeing and offers a wide variety of both challenging and moderate terrain. Animals are welcome but must be leashed and under control. All waste must be cleaned from the trails as required by State Park Rules. The Park is open to all allowable uses. Please be considerate of all uses and be sure animals are not blocking oncoming skiers that may not be able to stop or slow down in time.

We have recently expanded our trail network with some new, flat connector trails to allow for practicing technique and increasing access to other trails with easier terrain. We also constructed a beautiful timber-framed warming hut for members to use anytime. Non-members are welcome when a volunteer hut host is onsite (we typically try to cover weekends at minimum).

The winter activities at Milan Hill State park are funded and sustained almost entirely by generous business sponsors and member donations to the Nansen Ski Club. Your support directly finances ski events, grooming efforts, hut operation, insurance, and continuous trail improvements.

Our newest project is reconditioning the Big Nansen Ski Jump with an eye to re-opening it for competitions and eventually bringing back ski jumping to the area. Stay tuned as this exciting project unfolds.

Thank you and happy skiing!

“The oldest club in the country appears to be the Nansen Ski Club… Originally known as “The Ski Club” and the “Berlin Mills Ski Club,” it was later renamed for Fridtjof Nansen after his crossing of Greenland on skis.” – AlpenGlow Ski History

The Nansen Ski Club of Berlin (New Hampshire), recognized as the oldest existing ski club in the country… The club, in a partnership with New Hampshire Division of Parks, developed a ski touring trail network in Milan Hill State Park after its former location was earmarked as a site for a new federal prison.” –Cross Country Skier Magazine