Join Nansen Ski Club


There will be no charge for annual membership for the 2020 – 2021 season!

Individual: Free!
Family: (2 adults + kids, same residence) Free!

This season we will not be charging any fees for member passes to allow everyone a chance to enjoy healthy outdoor recreation with appropriate social distancing. In order to use the trails this season you will still need to send along an application form.

Download the form here.

Print and complete the application, then send it to us in the mail at the address on the form. In short time you’ll receive your season ski pass and some additional information about the season.

While we are not charging a fee for membership, we still have expenses to cover. Can you help us with a tax-deductible donation to support a fee-free ski and snowshoe season for all in our community?

Memberships also available at the following locations:

The Moffett House Museum
119 High Street, Berlin

Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce
164 Main Street, Berlin

White Mountain Cafe & Bookstore
212 Main Street, Gorham

Member Benefits:

* Unlimited access to high quality, groomed Nordic ski trails (may be impacted by COVID-19 emergency orders)

* Updated Trails Map

* $10 off your first purchase at our online Club Store (fully customizable items – be creative!)

* Bumper sticker

* Support and be part of the oldest continually operating Ski Club in America

* Help Nansen Trails remain open as a community resource