Ski Jump Rehabilitation Project

The Nansen Ski Club and the State of New Hampshire Division of Natural & Cultural Resources are working together to bring the Big Nansen Ski Jump back to life, allowing for sanctioned jumping events once more! Our plans also call for smaller jumps to the side of the Big Nansen, with an eye toward creating opportunities for children to get involved in the sport, starting on small snow jumps and working up through high school-level jumping and perhaps eventually to the Big Nansen itself.

The first step in this effort is to rehabilitate the BIG NANSEN jump, which will become the cornerstone for ski jumping activity in this area for the future.

Want to support the BIG NANSEN SKI JUMP restoration effort?

Your donation to the Ski Jump Rehabilitation Project will go directly to the BIG NANSEN Ski Jump fund. This fund will be reserved for preserving the historic Nansen Ski Jump and improving the site for visitors to have an interactive and interpretive experience, while supporting some needed modifications to the jump itself to allow for sanctioned jumping events to return to the BIG NANSEN once more.

Visit the Friends of Nansen Ski Jump facebook page for more information.  Your donation is tax deductible and very much appreciated.